by Terry
(Louisville, KY USA)


I purchased my WOODS in 1993 when I bought 10 acres in Michigan and built a new home. It had a 3/4 acre pond with lots of trees and wet water soaked edges around some of it. I also had some rolling hills with pretty good inclines.

This had been farm land growing mainly hay and straw on it. My Woods had it looking like a park around the pond, and 8,000 sq. ft. of sod around my house was like a golf course. But what impressed me the most was the rest of the acreage. It cut that old hay down like nothing and the wild grasses took over. After two seasons that mower had it looking like I had planted it!

A 60" 10 gauge deck, with a PTO direct drive, and a frame that will support a car. Comfortable, easy to use hand controls, that I can use with one hand. The out front deck rings trees like a breeze, goes under bushes, edges well, great traction, plenty of power with a 20 HP Kohler engine. I've got over 1300 hours on this machine and I haven't even replaced anything other than the belts on the mowing deck. I just keep everything greased and do the normal maintainence as required.

Attachments: 60 Dozer Blade ( it does work dirt, not just snow); Winter dog house with wiper blade; and a rotating broom just like they use on the road crews.

I am now in Louisville with a half acre. Retired on a 100% Medical Disability from the Army in Jan 2007. I can't do much any more. But, by golly I can mow my yard! I thought $4,900 was a lot then, and now you are looking at around $9-10,000.

I had had many other brands before my WOODS, and paid a lot of money for them, but they never held up. This one will be in the family long after I'm gone.


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Aug 29, 2008
Very good
by: expertpalu

Site is well organized with excellent navigation. A good initiative for Lawn Mower.

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