WORX 24 volt cordless mower

by vennessa
(el paso tx)

This is something that was actually given to me as a housewarming gift recently and I absolutely love it. I never realized I could really find a great mower without having to drag out a long extension cord or get oil and gas.

I always remembered my mom mowing the lawn and having to use that awful cord and fumbling with it forever and a day. That just seemed to be so futile to me and pointless, she would take two hours to do a thirty minute job. I definitely did not want to do that once I got my first home.

I voiced my views with my mom and fortunately enough she found me this great machine. It comes with a removable battery and one 24v battery as well. This way you can have one ready to go at all times. It maneuvers great and I don't have to use any extension cords at all.

I love to mow my lawn now and I am so very glad that she got me this. It comes with a great size bag to catch all your waste and it can adjust to the height that you need as well.

I didn't have any trouble doing the yard myself because although it looks rather large it is easily moved. If I can do it and I am fairly weak I am sure that anyone could use this machine with ease.I will definitely recommend this to all of my friends and would love to get one for my mother in law too.

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