Yard Machine 6 position Self Propelled

by Misty Haigh
(South Bend, Indiana)

I bought this lawn mower from Target about a month ago for around $250. It was a little more than I had hoped to pay but I wanted a self propelled lawn mower as I am a petite woman and not all that strong. It has been well worth the money so far. The first time I used it I mowed grass that was about three feet high. I thought for sure I would have problems. It went right over the grass very smoothly. I had the yard back to normal in no time with little real effort from me.

I really like the 6 position height adjustment. This enabled me to mow areas that I would normally use a weed eater on. The width seems pretty good. If it was a little wider than it would make the job faster but then it wouldn't fit in small areas as well.

It did take me a few minutes to get it started the first time but I haven't had any trouble since.
This is not a bagged lawn mower.

It has the side mulch discharge. When the grass is really over-grown a bagged mower would be helpful. Mowing over areas where the mulch is can slow the lawn mower down. But for normal mowing (when the grass isn't too high) the side discharge is great. The mulch seems to keep my grass healthier.

My only real complaint is the weight. I'm not sure exactly how much it weighs, but I know the shipping weight was about 80 lbs.

Its not really a problem unless you have to pick it up to put it in something like a truck or in a shed that's off the ground.

I would definitly recommend this lawn mower to anyone.

I have been pretty rough on it so far and its not showing any signs of wear-and-tear yet.

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