Yard Machines 158 CC 2-in-1 Push Mower Model 11A414E029

I did not have a good experience with this mower. I bought it an paid a lot of money for it. It was way way to expensive for the quality.

I had it assembled for me by the store I bought it from so I wouldn’t mess it up. I got it home and I went to mow and it didn’t start. So I called the store and asked them why and they told me that sometimes I have to pull on the cord a few times to get it to start up.

So I tried to pull the chain and it sounded like it was trying and then choked. Nothing. So I brought it back to the store and switched it out and I get the new one home and it worked… for 3 weeks then it choked When it did work it was very choppy (and not in a good way) It leaves patches of uncut grass.

The bag catcher worked fine though. The problem I had with the last one I had was that frequently the air pushed the clippings out of the bag even when it was empty and this one does not do that. I am not impressed with this model. I would only recommend this to someone if they can get a good deal on it. ($50 or less)

- Its light weight. I was able to push it easily, even with a broken wrist.
- The bag catches the clippings very well. No residual spilling.

- Its not a good quality machine. Both of the ones I got were bums. I believe lighting does not usually strike twice.
- It does not cut evenly as described. Half the time it didn’t even cut and I would have to walk back over it to get what was not cut.

2.5 out of 5

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