Yard Machines 22 In. Side Discharge Push Mower

This is the second mower that I have purchased, and the fourth I've ever had. My dad always had a mower with a bag. True, the mowers with a bag do keep the dead clippings off the yard, but it is a huge pain to change the bag when you have a lawn as large as my parent's.

This is my first bagless lawn mower, and I am very pleased by the performance and the quality of mowing that it does. The Yard Machine Push Mower clips and shoots out the clippings through the side and the clippings are fine enough to not leave a huge mess on my yard.

If I do find the clippings a little too much or dense, I'd just do a quick raking job and I'm done. The size of the mower is not too obnoxiously wide so I can store it in my shed, and taking it in and out of the shed is relatively easy. It's roughly about 2ft and some inches wide. It's easy to use, has adjustable heights for cutting, and is light enough to pull up hills with ease.

My son is turning 13 years old and he helps me cut the front lawn with this mower, and he has no problems operating this machine. At about $150, this is a very decent lawn mower.

If you're not trying to spend too much on a mower, and don't mind having to possibly do a little bit of raking, I highly recommend this lawn mower.

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