Yard Man 12A-446M001

by yard man

My yardman is a genuinely excellent piece of yard equipment. I've cut through four inch grass with it, plus it looks really spiffy.

I would also like to recommend it to anyone looking for a new mower, because of it's two pull start guarantee.

Usually, if you prime it correctly, it will start on the first pull no problem. Also, it powers over the thickest grass in my yard (two acres!!) with no problem whatsoever.

My granddaughter keeps trying to get me to buy a riding lawn mower, but I just can't see using anything except my little yardman, plus I need the exersise.

It is really easy to empty, especially with my bad back, and really easy to use, rain or shine. Heck, I've used it in the snow to cut the grass down for traction! I'm extremely satisfied.

The only problem I seem to run into is that the propelling throttle gets jammed, so that it won't stop unless I run behind it fiddling with the handle. It is pretty inconvenient sometimes, but I wouldn't change anything else about it.

Finally, it's a high quality, powerful engine. It'll pull me and a full load of grass at full speed across my yard.

Definitely give it a try, and buy it. (I'm not being paid by Yardman to do this).

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Apr 05, 2009
Priming a Yardman
by: Anonymous

Can someone please tell me how to prime the yardman lawnmower, I have a choke lever, but, it takes me about 10 pulls to get it started, it's brand new and that can't be right, please help!!!!

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