Yard Man 565L PS

by Carl
(Milton, Ontario, Canada)

Found the Self Propel Controls take a little to get used to, and it took a little adjustment. Supposed to come fully assembled, but the cable clamp on the handle was not tightened properly.

Not sure that I like that the engine has no speed control, but I can probably get used to that.

Worked great the first two times I used it, considering the above. Shut it off, put it away, and the next time I took it out, I couldn't get it started. It had been raining quite a bit, so it was already two weeks since the lawn was last cut, so it was getting a little bit long. Well, tried to start the mower, did the recommended prime 3 times on the primer, and pull the cord, and pull the cord, and pull the cord, about a hundred times I pulled the cord, until there were blisters on the inside of my fingers I pulled the cord. Seems according to the folks at the small engine shop, there is a bent rod, which is going to take a few days to get delivered, and another day or so to get around to fixing the machine.

The grass is now coming up on 4 weeks without a trim, the neighbours are starting avoid me when I come outside because am making the neighbourhood look bad. I must admit, the lawn is a little shaggy.

Anyway, I am not impressed with the tecumseth engine, looked at the Honda engine but couldn't get one with the large back wheels that was self propelled.

Oh, one other thing. The pretty yellow hubcaps that go on the front wheels, keep falling off. Can't believe it but they don't fit.

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