Yardman Riding Model: 13AO771H055

by April
(tucker, GA)

I purchased my riding lawn mower last summer when I moved into a home with a much larger yard. I really needed a riding mower. I decided to buy the MTD Yard-Man riding mower from Wal-Mart. The model Number is Model: 13AO771H055. It is forty six inches tall. It is fairly light weight compared with other riding mowers. I have not had any problems with it, regarding performance.

The only thing that I was not a hundred percent gung-ho for was the seat. I do not know if I am being meticulous but I would rather have a more comfortable seat. I actually have an old throw pillow that I bring out to sit on while I am mowing the grass. I also think this mower is pretty tough and can cut through some thick grass and vines. It is a little bit noisy and that may just be typical for riding mowers.

It cranks up very easily and I haven’t had any issues with the starter or any other engine component. And even though it really isn’t important, I like the way it looks. It is very sleek and sturdy looking. It is yellow and black and I love that. It feels like a “Spring time” mower! My son helps me with the mowing of the grass sometimes. He is eleven years old and it is just as easy for him as it is for me to maneuver the machine, steer it, and add gas.

Because gasoline is so very expensive these days, it was important for me to get a machine that did not have a lot of unnecessary components to it. All I needed it to do was to cut the grass, turn easily, and last a long time. This mower has definitely been worth the purchase to me.

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