18" Lawn Hog mulching mower

by Tom Lid
(Lakewood, CO)


*Cuts as well as any rotary mower I ever used.
*Light weight – doesn’t compact grass.
*Easy to clean

*Expensive motor (to replace), cheaply built.
*Weak spring on height adjustment lever. When mowing around bushes, lever can be easily dislodged and mower dropped to lowest height and lawn scalped. ( At home fix: Bungee cord from lever to opposite axel)
Factory fix: Handle needs to be turned inboard
*Cord tends to vibrate out. (At home fix: Bungee cord looped around switch assembly and hooked on cord.
Factory fix: Some type of locking plug needs to be designed.

Things the never mentioned
*Clippings tend to accumulate in the bottom of the motor compartment blocking cooling air to motor. Upper cover needs to be removed and clippings need to be removed.
*Excessive vibration. If the possible steps they list don’t cure the problem, then it’s probably due the armature rubbing against the field magnets due to upper bearing assembly deforming. This is caused by an overheated motor causing the cheap plastic bearing assembly to deform. Stop now. Continued use will cause the motor to seize and possibly damage the field magnets. (At home fix: Replace upper bearing assembly. –Sears Parts is a good place to find replacement parts.
Factory fix: Needs a metal bearing assembly.

Would I recommend it to a friend? No way. Somebody must make a quality electric motor.

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Oct 06, 2010
by: Tom Lid

After two years of extensive care; ie keeping the blade sharp and keeping housing and motor compartment clean, the upper bearing holder failed.
I have less than 5000 SF of lawn total. Roughly half in front and half in back. I usually mow each half on different days, or with a long rest in between. Is this asking to much of a mower?

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