Black and Decker CMM1000 24 volt RECHARGEABLE

by Mike F
(Cherry Hill, NJ)

I decided to upgrade my lawnmower from a corded model to the Black and Decker rechargeable mower.

If you've ever used an electric mower with a cord then you know how clumsy and annoying it can be to constantly contend with the cord getting wrapped around trees or damaging your flower beds.

I have had the rechargeable model for two years now and it has been an excellent investment. I have a fairly small lawn on a quarter acre of land. I would not recommend it for someone with a huge lawn, but it should do the job for anyone with a small to average size lawn.

The mower has plenty of power. It takes me about 25-30 minutes to mow and I've never had any problems with the power running down.

There is a small light on the back of the mower that tells you when the battery is recharged, but as long as you keep it plugged in between uses, then there is really no issue in terms of charging time.

There is a very handy height adjustment feature. All you do is push down on the adjustment lever and lift or lower the mower all in one movement. No need to adjust each wheel separately!

The best thing about it in my opinion is that it is quiet. You can mow your grass at 8 am on a Sunday morning without worrying about annoying your neighbor. I only wish everyone in my neighborhood had one so I did not have to hear all the load gas engines all weekend!

Also, for you green types out there, you will feel good knowing you are helping the environment. The average gas mower spews huge amounts of exhaust and with the price of gas today it is not a very economical approach either.

I bought this mower from Amazon for approximately $300. I believe they offer free shipping which is a substsantial savings on a heavy item like this.

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Oct 03, 2008
Black & Decker cmm1000
by: Ms. Debs

Hello I am from Ohio
And I saw the Black and Decker cmm1000 at a yard
sale of all places.

Fell in love with it and paid only $60.00 buck for it and I have not used it yet but have been searching the web today on it.

I do like the fact that it is electric and not having to store one that would have gas in it
Mine did not come with a bag if you can send me info about the bag I would be greatful. I did see on the web site about a safety recall notice for type 1 thourgh type 4 type 5 is not affected says an electical componant can overheat and damage the law mower and poses a possibility of a fire hazard. I was not aware of this and will check mine then take it to a shop for a once over . But all in all I think I have a good deal.

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