Black and Decker Electric MM875

by Frank
(Granger,IN, USA)

I purchased an electric lawn mower after years of having a gas lawnmower.Its a Black and Decker Electric Model MM875.

The neighbor had a older Black and Decker Electric lawnmower and I liked what I saw and he recommended it to me as well.

I was amazed on how quiet this lawnmower was. Normally I cant cut the lawn first thing in the morning in respect for the neighbors who might be sleeping in because of the engine noise. However this lawnmower is so quiet that it will not disturb anyone.

One of the problems is the length of the cord which is about 100 feet which I find to be a hassle and required me to buy a number of extension cords.

Its not just the cost of the extension cords but one needs to figure out logistically the best way to cut the lawn so your not running over the power extension cords.
I have had this lawnmower for about 2 years and it has been totally free of any maintenance problems so far. It starts very easily and anyone can use it.

It has rotary blades which I consider to be a big plus.

I keep the electric lawnmower in the garage and it doesnt take much room as the handle folds down rather easily so that its easy to store.

I believe it cost a little more then the average electric lawnmower but it has proven to me to be a very good investment for the value that I rceived.

I would reccomend the Black and Decker MM875 electric lawnmower to anyone but especially to those that have a relatively small yard so you dont have to bother with the extension cords.

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Aug 02, 2009
It's great!!!
by: Dennis

I recently bought this model B&D electric mower. have not had it long, but I LOVE it!!! I hate small gasoline engines, for several reasons... noise, pollution, fuel cost, maintenance, and the fact that gasoline has a definite shelf life beyond which it gums up the machine it's in. We temporarily have homes in two different towns, and at one I have another brand (Bolens) electric mower (given to me by a friend). The Bolens is wretched. I MUCH prefer the Black and Decker. The height adjustment is very cool. Lowe's sells it for $215 (currently), a very good price.

Jan 05, 2009
Awesome and affordable
by: Joey

Gas prices are on the rise, and conserving energy is most definitely at the forefront of most everyone's mind, myself included. When pump prices hit near $4.00, it was already hard enough to justify driving anywhere in my car, much less paying to mow my own lawn.

I live in an area with a zero property line, so it's not like my lawn is a monster. However, I do still have an area that my homeowners association wants to make sure is kept well manicured. Not to mention there is just something about the smell of freshly cut grass on your clothes.

When in the market for the right mower, I stumbled upon the Black and Decker MM875. I was astounded to see that there was such a mower on the market. Its design was sleek and easy to store, made by a name that I know and trust, and, the absolute best part of the entire package, it's electric!

No more trips to the gas station to fill up giant red containers that leave their scent behind in my car for weeks to come. Not to mention, this mower is extremely quiet. Which is nice when the baby is sleeping and I need to get some house work done. I love the ease of starting the mower as well. Black and Decker has outdone themselves! The durability is amazing, and while my first concern was the fact that it had a cord that may limit it's movement. It can stretch 100 feet from the outlet, with an industrial extension cord, you're unstoppable!

Seriously one of the best investments I have ever made. This lawn mower not only saves me money in the long run, but it's helping to keep the environment a little cleaner as well. Well done Black and Decker!

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