Black and Decker LM175

There are a number of positive aspects and a number of negative aspects to this lawnmower, which I have been happily using for the past few years. It replaced an older gasoline based mower which I was previously using on my relatively small lawn and backyard.

The initial price is very low compared to other mowers of this size, which was a definite selling point for me when I purchased it. However, now that gasoline prices are soaring, there is a large secondary reason to purchase this lawnmower -- it is electrically powered! This means no heavy gasoline containers, no spending money at the gas station, and lastly, it's better for the environment. The downside, of course, is that there is only an extension cord to supply power to the lawnmower. The mower also does not have a battery, which severely limits the unit's mobility; the mower is tethered to an electrical outlet. Sometimes this poses small problems as the cord gets tangled, but I have developed a pattern for mowing my front lawn and backyard which minimizes the number of times I need to reposition the cord. However, the lack of a battery, and of a gasoline-based engine, drastically lightens the mower compared to others I have used in the past; it's very easy for me to lift into the back of my truck.

In short, for small lawns or small mowing jobs, this lawnmower is wonderful due to its light weight, low unit cost, and low cost of ownership. However, some people may not like being tethered to the house's electrical outlet, or other external power supply, so this may pose some problems.

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Apr 15, 2010
LOVE it!
by: Anonymous

-More lightweight than a conventional gas mower

-Worrying about where the extension cord is while mowing
-Areas to be mowed limited to what is accessible by electric cord

I LOVE this mower. A friend had given me an old electric mower of hers after I had sustained a work injury on my neck and was undergoing some rehab. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the mower was to use (because it was lighter in weight that my previous gas mower, less strain was needed from my neck and back).

Within a day after that old mower died, I went online to find a new one that matched the old one as close as possible, and I found the Black and Decker LM 175. It works like a dream! It is a very economical choice( runs around $160. Yes, that's $160).

Plus, this is one TOUGH little mower-it mows through everything a gas mower would, but without the extra "baggage"...or fumes. Working around the extension cord is just no big deal for me-I don't really understand what all the complaining was about when I talked to others about gas vs. electric. Dealing with a cord is a minor inconvenience compared to the benefits of using an electric mower.

Hopefully, everyone will be using these kinds of mowers in the future. It'd do us all good! They are lighter weight and gas-free. I will definitely buy another when the time comes, and I highly recommend this mower to the ecologically-minded, and to those who are looking for an easier load to push.

Apr 15, 2010
by: Anonymous

This mower is great for smaller lawns. It's modestly priced, durable, lightweight and environmentally friendly. This mower requires no gas or oil and emits no exhaust fumes.

Since this lawn mower is electric the distance in which it can travel is limited by the size of your power cord. It sometimes becomes annoying to avoid mowing over the stretched out chord. However I'm much happier to tolerate the cord than dealing with gasoline.

Jan 13, 2009
Good for small gardens
by: Anand

I bought this lawn mower Black & Decker made couple of months back. I being a plant lover love gardening and this is the type of lawn mower I was looking for. There are many points in favor of this lawn mower.

It is comparatively cheap as compared to the other lawn mowers in its range. Its maintenance cost is very low. Most of the lawn mowers are heavy and are difficult to push through the grass but as it is not self propelled it is easy to push and takes less effort.

It is less noisy as compared to the other lawn mowers I have seen. It is very easy to switch on the motor by the push of a button.It makes it very convenient. It does not produce any smell after the work is done as compared to the other lawn mowers, other lawn produce a very bad smell after the cutting is done.

It is environment friendly and does not produce any smoke as compared to the gas lawn mowers. It does not pollute the environment which is great.
It also has some negative points too. Its mulching bag is quite small and needs to be emptied regularly as it does not collect a lot grass cuttings.

It does not run on a battery and needs to be plugged to the mains for power,so it is not ideal for large yards but is great for a small garden. I'll recommend this product to people who love gardening.

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