Black & Decker 12A Electric Mower

by ella b

This is actually a brand-new purchase which I have only used three times (!). It comes with a warranty for at least a year (and I think two) from the manufacturer, so that should cover me for at least the next little while.

I have had a gas mower for ages, but wanted either a push mower or an electric once that one conked out. I don't like the noise, the fumes, or having to tote gasoline around when I have children in the house. The push mower is out because I realized that is too much physical labour for me. On the other hand, with electric I'm going to be worrying about running over the cord (Not that I would just... you know... these things ALWAYS seem to happen after you swear they will not).

So far I like it. It is fairly lightweight compared to my last one, and the push handle is comfortable. The handle is adjustable to my height, and the padding is great (so far- we will have to see how it wears).

It was also VERY easy to start- a plus considering I almost dislocated my shoulder every time I tried to start the last one. The bag to collect grass is extra, which I found to be okay since the mower has a mulching function which I use anyway. If someone preferred not to do it that way they might not like having to buy the collection bag separately.

I got an excellent price on this one at a local hardware store- Black and Decker seems to be a good make for good price and quality.

If you are looking for a lawn mower that is good for home lawn care, this would be a good choice- not for anything more than that though I think since it is not very heavy duty.

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