Black & Decker 18-Inch 6.5 Amp Electric Mower

by Natasha
(Riverside, CA)

This is, hands down, the best lawn mower that I have used to date, for several reasons. To start with, it’s very affordable.

I only paid $158 for this thing, and in my not so humble opinion, it did just as good a job as a more expensive lawn mower would do.

It also makes mowing your lawn a cinch because of how light it is—it’s very easy to push back and fourth, not unlike a regular household vacuum cleaner would be. I don’t find that having to start it is particularly difficult, either.

You just pull the cord, and you’re ready to go! No multiple yanks or anything. That said, once it does get going, it’s considerably quieter than most other lawn mowers, and it also doesn’t reek of gas fumes when you’re done mowing your lawn.

(Which is a plus for those of you who are eco friendly and trying to cut down on your air pollution!) One of my only complaints is about the mulching bag. It’s very small and doesn’t hold much, so I often find myself having to empty it several times per mowing session.

It’s also a bit of a drawback that this lawnmower lacks a battery, thus forcing you to plug it into an outlet on your house. If you have a small yard, though, this usually isn’t a problem and can be dealt with. All in all, I feel like this is a great lawn mower for a great deal. Buy it today!

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Apr 08, 2009
No stalling is a wonderful thing
by: Thomas Stowe

If my wife and I have the money to afford quality tools when we're out shopping at Home Depot, Lowe's, Sam's Club or Wal-Mart we'll grab something made by Black and Decker over any other tool there. Without having to search for a review we know it will do what we need it to do, not wear easily and it will have been manufactured well, producing a quality product.

We compared the cheapest models of lawnmower and then came across this push-mower, which for our small needs works quite well. We have a bit of grass, all together about the size of a small house front yard, I guess about an eighth of an acre that is grass and the rest pavement. We considered purchasing a gasoline powered model but we didn't really feel that we could store the gas around the apartment. We live in a four apartment "mini-plex" that is owned by an individual. Rent is great, the apartments are spacious but there's no one to keep up with the grass and pick up anything that ends up littered about so I gain a few dollars from time to time and also get to keep the apartment complex neat for myself, my wife, my stepchildren and the neighbors.

From experiences with gas powered push mowers I expected this to be much harder to push and with too little power to cut the grasses if the grassy areas got around six inches tall. Boy, was I wrong. The new type of electric motors (I'd used one back in the early 1990s) are great. It doesn't have a bag, but I usually sweep the mulched grass back into the green areas so it's no big deal; I'm not dealing with anywhere near the size of lawn that you could sometimes find out here in the hill country... most are an acre or two outside of town and inside too sometimes.

A long extension cord we already owned works well with it and I don't need to range very far from outlets so it works out just fine. It didn't take any effort and almost no time to assemble it, no smoke, no gasoline, no big worries and a lot less noise coming the engines of gas powered mowers. It works about as well as my last mower which was also a small horsepower mower so it's definitely not a toy or a tool to not take seriously, it could hurt someone quite badly like any other lawnmower.

I'm pleased with the overall design and the way that it moves. No stalling is another wonderful thing about this mower and the throttle and other controls like height adjustment are just like any other mower.

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