Black & Decker Electric Mulching Mower

by David
(Worcester, MA USA)

I bought this lawnmower back in 2004. Back then, they mounted the bar in the center point and a lever so you could flip the bar over the center. This way you never have to turn the lawn mower around.

You pull the lever and walk around the deck and push it back the other way. The thing I love most about this lawn mower is that it is just about zero maintenance.

Buy a new blade every 3 or 4 years and that is it. No gas to refill, no oil to change. It is extremely light and easy to maneuver. The deck height is adjustable on all 4 wheels from a single lever that easily moves the mower up and down.

There are some bad things about this lawn mower though. If you are not used to using an electric, you'll have to relearn your mowing pattern. You have to start at your outlet and mow stripes away from it.

Anything else and you'll have to fight with the cord. Also, it did not come with a bag attachment. This means if your grass is really tall, you will likely have to rake afterwards or borrow a mower with a bag attachment or fork out the money for the bag (about $35 I think).

-Zero maintenance (just buy blades)
-Light, easy to maneuver
-Do not have to turn around when you hit the end of a row
-Easy deck height adjustment
-Cheap to operate (have you seen the price of a gallon of gas lately??)

-Can not handle heavy, tall grass (you must mow at a high enough interval)
-Cord management can be cumbersome
-Does not come with the bag attachment

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