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Not everyone can buy a cow in order to keep the grass short. Much cleaner just to get a good lawn mower! The question is which one? The best people to ask are the customers.

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What we do

This site provides opinions of what customers think of their lawn mower. Find out the views of the people that matter - the ones that have been using their mowers year in and year out.

We review lawnmowers from the top brands such as Craftsman, John Deere, TORO, Murray, Yard Man, Cub Cadet and more.

When buying new products we all like recommendations from our friends. We aim to give you those recommendations by telling you what the actual consumers think.

Browse the categories or submit your own review. May cutting your lawn be fun!!!

Lawn Mower Main Categories

Craftsman Lawn Mowers Reviews
Customer reviews of craftsman lawn mowers, see what consumers think of their machine
Toro Lawn Mower Reviews
Many people have counted on Toro lawn mowers to help keep their gardens beautiful, see which ones were tops with the customers
John Deere Lawn Mower Reviews
For many customers there slogon holds true, "there is nothing like a deer", find out which of there mowers will end up dear to your heart
Murray Lawn Mower Reviews
Murray believe in while you get it done have fun - they create their lawn mowers with this philosophy. Find out which mowers were fun for the customers!
Yard Man Lawn Mowers Reviews
Yard Man produce a large variety of different types of mowers, customers give their opinions on what good in the yard and what is not
Cub Cadet Lawn Mower Reviews
Cub Cadet are a leading provider of different types of lawn mowers - they stive to be better. See our consumer reports to see what the people who really matter think.
Troy Bilt Lawn Mower Reviews
They say the Troy Bilt lawnmowers are built for life - find out how they delivered in the consumers life
Black and Decker Lawn Mower Reviews
Black and decker offer powerful solutions for your garden - a wide range of options to choose from
Yard Machine Lawn Mowers
Yard Machine are mowers that they say work hard for you - machines great for all the hard days work you need to do!
Lawn Boy Lawn Mower Reviews
Lawn boy strive for innovation and come with a large variety of choice, from the Insight hand mowers to their Precision riding lawn mowers
Honda Lawn Mowers Reviews
Honda is a powerful brand to choose offering residential and top of the range commercial mowers
Lawn Mower Consumer Reports
Consumer opinions of lawn mowers, look at what customers think of their helper in the garden
Riding / Tractor Lawn Mower reviews
Riding and Tractor Lawn Mower consumer reports, helping you find the best riding mower for your garden
Best Lawn Mowers Guide
Best Lawn Mowers
Best Gardening Tips
Top gardening tips, hints and advice given by users of this website - help making your garden much more beautiful
Garden resourcess - equipment, plants and tips
Garden links we recommend from gardening tips, resources, equipment and plants
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Privacy Policy for Lawn Mower Reviews
Cub Cadet Riding Lawn Mowers / Tractors Reviews
Cub Cadet riding mower reviews from the cheaper 1000 series, mid priced 2500 series and premium 5000 series
John Deere Riding Lawn Mowers / Tractors Reviews
John Deere Reviews of riding mowers, zero turn mowers and lawn mowers - John Deere remain popular choice
Craftsman Riding Lawn Mowers / Tractors Reviews
Craftsman riding mower reviews from actual consumers, prices raging from $1000 to $3000
Murray Riding Lawn Mowers / Tractors Reviews
Murray riding mower consumer reports from a less popular choice but good for those on a budget
Toro Riding Lawn Mowers / Tractors Reviews
Toro riding mowers from the LX lawn tractors for smaller lawns to the GT2000's garden tractor for larger land upkeep
Yard Machine Riding Lawn Mowers / Tractors Reviews
Yard Machine Lawn tractor and riding mowers reviews, look out for there exclusive shift on the go feature makes lawn cutting much easier
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