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Gardening tips

Midwest Gardening Tips
Easy to understand information for gardeners inthe North and Midwest. Growing annuals, hardyperennials, hardy roses, shrubs and trees.

Plants and Fruit
for your complete rose gardening website. Cultivating, photographing, arranging, propagating and using the blooms, hips and oils. Free monthly newsletter (with a free e-book included!) and how-to videos.

Anyone for rose hip marmalade?

Savor the Rhubarb
A guide all about rhubarb. Learn how to grow it and make great rhubarb dishes.

Gardening Appliances

Best Snow Blower Guide
Find reviews, guides and resources to help you buy a new snowblower for your garden.

Tropical Backyards Gazebos & Tree Houses
Beautiful hand-crafted gazebos, tree houses and other outdoor structures. Balinese architecture and materials - exported from Bali.


Tucson Landscaping
Make an oasis in a desert and find quality landscapers here.