Black and Decker CMM1000

by Bill

My family and I decided to get an electric mower after the old rattle trap we had wouldn't start. I'm not a mechanic and we wanted something that "just worked". Our house sits on a small lot so we figured an electric would be fine. Plus, an electric would be perfect for our son to use.

We had tried corded electric yard tools in the past, like weed whackers, and moving the cord around the yard was a pain. Also, we did have fears of running over it and causing injury. That left us with the battery option and, after doing our research, we settled on the Black and Decker CMM1000.

This is a smaller, 19", mower. It uses two 12 volt batteries giving for a total of 24 volts. It comes with a "wall wart" charging adapter. It gets a full charge overnight.

There is a battery gauge on it that indicates when it is fully charged. This gauge is also supposed to act as a "fuel gauge" letting you know how much of a charge is remaining as you use it but we have it to be inaccurate. You'll know when you're out of juice when the blade stops spinning.

We are pretty happy with the mower. It starts right up and it is very quiet. At full charge it has plenty of juice to mow our entire lawn.

If we let the grass get too long, or if the grass is damp, it may take two tries. The mower can either bag or mulch and comes with the attachments required for either.

If you have a small yard, this is a great mower and we would recommend it.

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Jun 09, 2012
cheap and shoddy
by: Anonymous

Black and Decker electric lawn mowers SUCK!

Mexican made junk.

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